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Assemble yourself

Since professionals are becoming increasingly scarce and therefore increasingly expensive, it is good to consider assembling your gutter grid, sable scrap and solar scrap yourself. Until recently, it was almost only possible to have an AP77 gutter grille installed by a professional, because there was little information about the installation method. However, since we have thought about this carefully and together have come up with a method to be able to bend the gutter gratings without a professional bending machine, the biggest obstacle for the do-it-yourselfer has been removed for good. With our instructional videos, Aluper® products are now also very easy to assemble yourself. We try to cover as many common situations as possible in our instructional videos so that most questions will be removed and the assembly will be easier.


Installing it yourself offers many advantages such as:

 check mark cleaning gutter cheaper

 check mark cleaning gutter 100% trusted

 check mark cleaning gutter at your own pace

 check mark cleaning gutter no invasion of your privacy


Instructional Videos 

The gutter grids, sable and solar panels from Aluper are suitable for self-assembly. For example, to assemble gutter gratings you need tools; a workbench, screw machine, tin scissors and combination pliers. By watching the instructional videos below you will get an idea of ​​how the assembly works.  

*video subtitles are available in different languages


measure grid (AP77)

 In this video you will learn the following:

• First slide a few roof tiles upwards.
• Screw a tape measure to the batten.
• Measure with the tape measure at which point the grid should be bent.

set and bend (AP77)

 In this video you will learn the following:

• How many millimeters from the edge of the table should the grid be?
• Fasten two screws in the table as a support so that you can lay the grid against it.
• Screw the grille so that it stays in the same place during bending.
• Hold the plate flat with one hand and bend the plate to the correct angle with the other hand.
• Use a double crochet hook to determine the correct angle.
• Make sure you don't put the grid the other way around on the table.


mounting grille (AP77)

 In this video you will learn the following:

• First slide a few roof tiles upwards, or first remove the whole row of roof tiles.
• Always push up the dirt in the gutter, or clean the gutter completely first.
• Work from left to right, so start on the left side of the gutter. Leave a few mm free from the left edge of the gutter.
• Place the grille in place and click it into place with the stainless steel fastening clips. 
• Adjust the swivel hook to the correct size and use it to keep the height between the surface of the grid and the bottom of the gutter at the same distance. This will ensure that the grid will lie nicely straight over the entire length of the gutter. 
• Screw the grid to the batten. 3 stainless steel chipboard screws per grid are sufficient.
• Have each grid overlap the other grid by at least 2 cm, this may also be 2,5 cm. Screw the grates together with the stainless steel self-tapping screws or chipboard screws.

assemble marten scrap (AP78)

 In this video you will learn the following:

• Screw the sable scrap with at least 3 stainless steel chipboard screws to the batten or to the grid.

finishing corners (L77)

 In this video you will learn the following:

• When mounting the grille, it is important to leave at least 3 millimeters free for the L77 end profile.
• First measure how long the end profile should be in the corner and cut it to size with tin scissors.
• Use combination pliers to bend the profile to the correct angles.
• It is possible to seal the entire side of the grille. So both the flat side and the piece that runs upwards. So that no more dirt can get in between.




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